Content creators: don’t fall into the same trap I did.

Andy Narracott

Andy Narracott

I’ve been doing my review of 2020. This time was different: for the first time, I have a full daily journal from the past year to consult.

I’ve just finished reviewing those 366 shitstorm days and one thing shocked me: I spent alot of that time depressed.

Why? Well, strangely, it doesn’t seem to be due to the virus.

As I was reviewing those pages, a pattern emerged. One day I would be consuming content from successful creators, such as Ali Abdaal, Nat Eliason, Jack Butcher, Step Smith and David Perell. I would feel inspired. Then the next day I would sink into depression. I would feel hopeless, inadequate and be full of self-doubt.

The over arching narrative going through my head was that it looked so easy, churning out endless blog posts and insightful videos. I was never going to find my niche. I was never going to grow an audience like they were.

You see, in the past year I’ve been stuck in the ‘what is my niche?’ hamster wheel. And I know the usual advice: create content and listen to the signals. But I was paralysed by indecision.

A simple atomic essay yesterday gave me the advice I needed: you find a niche by discovery, not design.

So I need to stop second guessing myself and start creating. When my internal dialogue continues with “what’s my niche?” I recognise its futility. Instead, I’ll focus on my one unit of output, these daily atomic essays, and trust my niche will emerge.

Thanks Mark for your insightful post! Here’s to a brighter 2021.

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