Here’s How You Get Support For Your Cause.

Andy Narracott

Andy Narracott

Everybody is fighting for a cause of some sort. Whether that’s protecting biodiversity around the world or equal rights for women.

There’s no formula we can use to say which of these many issues the world should try to solve first.

Even the most intelligent economists cannot agree which is the most deserving of our individual donations.

So if we want to attract support for our cause, we need to be able to influence others.
Al Gore influenced the world to pay attention to climate change in 2006. Greta Thunberg is doing the same today.

Others claim it’s the threat of AI that will wipe out our species first. Or the next global pandemic.
There are many ways to influence people. Powerful lobbyists go direct to the policy makers. UN agencies enlist the support of celebrities.

But each one of us has the power to influence the world using the device in our pockets. It gives us the power to create unique content and post it to social media. In seconds millions could be listening to our story.

The ability to create content on the internet is the highest leverage skill we can learn to support our favourite cause.

No training necessary. No plan needed. No sophisticated strategy.

Start documenting.

Show people the individual actions you’re taking to support your cause. Inspire others.

Be a creator for good, and you will bend the universe to your will.

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