Learn to Communicate Better. Here’s Why.

Andy Narracott

Andy Narracott

Our ability to communicate is more important than ever.

We all regularly face someone we want to persuade. We want our friends to come and camp out under the stars. We want an investor to believe we are the one. We want a politician to do something in our city. We want an employer to let us work flexible hours. We want a donor to back our project.

Going bigger, every one of us has a device that can communicate to millions. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. They all encourage you to ‘Go Live’ and within seconds algorithms can push people’s attention our way.

But when the time comes, most of us fumble. We struggle to say it well and we lose the opportunity. We use technical language. Our sentences are too waffly. Acronyms creep in. We use 17 slides instead of 3. We speak a paragraph instead of a sentence. We take ten minutes instead of one. We confuse. And they disengage.

We lose.

But if we are good at using words or images to communicate our ideas, the world will reward us.

The only thing holding us back is ourselves. Everything we need to sharpen our skills is accessible. People to learn from are everywhere. There are speaking courses run by lawyers, writing courses run by authors, design courses run by creatives.

My advice is to choose one medium and go all in. Choose the one you’re a natural at and just be good at the others.

Practise, push yourself, hold yourself accountable. The world will reward you for it.

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