Mapping Your DNA is the Highest Leverage Thing You Can Do

Andy Narracott

Andy Narracott

My son got a mini-drone from Christmas. He threw the instruction booklet aside and figured out how it works.

This is good practice for later life. We’re like that drone except a million times more complex.
Our instruction manual is written in the form of DNA and it’s our life time’s work to find out what it says.

Our machine is confronted with this thing called life. It uses our DNA to make millions of computations and decisions throughout the day.

We can either wing it and not reach out full potential or we can try and map out our DNA so we can master ourselves.

There are tools to get a generic template, like Myer Briggs, Strengths Finder, 16 personalities or Eneagrams.

But the real way is to work backwards. Observe how we behave and decipher what it means.

I started a couple of years ago but wish I started sooner. I have a blank A5 journal and at the end of each day I record the data.

For example, I was proud of sending out my newsletter despite the initial fear and anxiety of having nothing to say. Or, I sent that email to my colleague in frustration and now I feel terrible.

Then on a weekly or monthly basis, I look for patterns and themes in the data. What is causing me anxiety? What mistake am I repeating?

Then, what habits or routines I can add to get my ‘machine’ to work better?

It should be our lifelong project to work it out. It’s the highest leverage thing we can do with our time.

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