Andy Narracott

Consultant in water, sanitation and hygiene, social enterprise and content marketing.

Hi, I’m Andy. Welcome to my personal website.

I work to improve the water, sanitation and hygiene situation in the world. And I’m passionate about business as a force for good.

But when I’m on long car journeys, I’ll probably bore you about my experiments with habits and routines, publishing on the internet and living life more adventurously.

My mission is to support incredible changemakers to deliver greater impact and better awareness on the issues that matter most in the world.

Quick Bio

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What can I help you with?

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Drawing on nearly 20 years experience in the sector, I can:

  • Design and lead utility innovation projects to change the behaviours and operations needed to deliver universal urban sanitation services. As of January 2020, I have been working with Unilever to design, plan and deliver an innovative sanitation project for utilities in Kenya and Zambia.
  • Drive continuous improvement into large scale data-driven operations. For example, I led the Dispensers for Safe Water programme at Evidence Action to drive up adoption rates of chlorine for nearly 4 million people.
  • Advise and mentor WASH businesses to rapidly move from blueprint to scale. For example, I supported sanitation businesses for Grand Challenges Canada in Kenya and Peru. I am currently working for Unilever to support sanitation businesses and utilities in their TRANSFORM portfolio.
  • Lead teams to create innovative solutions to water and sanitation problems using human centered design. For example, I worked with IDEO.org and Unilever to create Clean Team – a container-based toilet business in Kumasi, Ghana.
  • Host podcasts and video interviews for your brand. For example, I hosted the WASH Talk podcast and interviewed over 45 opinion formers on film at the WASH Systems Symposium in The Hague.
  • Facilitate workshops with government, NGO and other stakeholders. For example, I designed and facilitated a one day workshop for city councillors in Harare, Zimbabwe using the Community-Led Urban Environmental Sanitation planning tool.
  • Conduct field research to generate learning tools for replication and adaption. For example, I supported UNICEF to document the Rural Water Information Management System they deployed with the Government of Zimbabwe.
Content Marketing
  • I run podcasting workshops to help you get your voice heard on the internet. These have mostly been through half day, remote workshops, but I can tailor it to your specific need.
  • I create content creation workflows for organisations, to help them put out consistently high quality content tailored to each social media channel.
  • I can help you setup a regular newsletter and coach you on how to build a loyal online following.
  • I help you build your online presence by building your online home (like this one) and helping you establish a regular content creation workflow. This includes capture tools to save what you read, highlighting tools to extract what’s relevant, synthesising tools to make sense of what you’ve captured, and remix tools to create original content.
  • I help you network online to land your dream job. I love coaching you through identifying your goals, capture your credibility on LinkedIn, establish a presence on Twitter, create your outreach workflow and establish a system to grow your network online.

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